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WELCOME TO THE BADWAL EDUCATION TRAINING SERVICES is a well known & trusted immigration & visa consultation consultancy which has an object and clear vision to help the common immigration & visa aspirants, and guide them in a better and fruitful manner. We are fully focused and dedicated to serve our clients, who could be interested to present immigration applications under different categories such as, Student Visa, Tourist Visa & State Sponsorship classes – for various Immigration Destinations like Canada, Australia, UK, USA, NZ and other European countries etc.
We are ISO Certified from Jas ANZ jointly from Australia and New Zealand.

Studying Abroad

The thought itself is daunting and the lack of proper information and high costs involved makes this task even more complicated. “BADWAL EDUCATION” has set up a unique resource to give a step-by-step guidance for the entire process. Our systematized approach and a network with Universities help students who apply through “BADWAL EDUCATION”.

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Badwal Travels

Badwal Travels providing you cheap air tickets travel insurance and as well as providing tour packages and much more......

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